Digest Easier This Holiday Season


The holiday season is a time of the year filled with spending time with friends and family, parties, and other social events – most of which revolve around food and alcoholic beverages! While this is a lot of fun, most of this food ends up being sugar filled, rich, and full of ingredients you don't normally eat eat leading to sub-optimal digestion. This can manifest as constipation, diarrhea, bloating, gas, fatigue, skin issues, anxiety – and many more symptoms!

Here are some simple ways to support your body to digest optimally this holiday season!

Digestive Enzymes

These little digestion helpers contain enzymes that help to break down your food into smaller pieces that our bodies can more easily digest and absorb!  These are especially helpful when eating food you are not used to eating! Most people have heard of "lactase" that helps to digest lactose  - a protein found in milk!

I recommend a broad spectrum digestive enzyme (if you don't have a specific known deficiency) taken with your first bite of food, to globally help with digestion. You can pick these up at most health food stores!

Position properly.

Just simply where you stand at the party can help to prevent overindulgence on junkie foods that cause gas, bloating, weight gain and skin breakouts!

In other words, stand by the veggie tray, not by the dessert tray to avoid the temptation.

Eat before you go.

Don't go to a holiday event or party starving. Eating a protein and fat rich snack before you go can help prevent overeating when you get there! Protein is digested slowly by our bodies, helping to keep our blood sugars stable which can also assist in preventing holiday energy crashes and weight gain.

Stay hydrated.

The rich food and alcohol can dehydrate you more than you realize! As a general rule – for every alcoholic beverage you consume, try to have two glasses of water! Also, choose 

Chew 10-30 times.

Chew. Your. Food. Your body will have a hard time digesting anything that your mouth hasn't broken down by your enzymes in your saliva and your teeth! 

Bring your own food.

If you have a lot of sensitivities that you are strictly avoiding, it can be a challenge to stick to this elimination over the holidays with all of the Christmas parties and get-togethers.

Bring your own (gluten free / dairy free / egg free etc…) snack to the party, so you know that you will have something to snack on! Also, it is nice to show people that you can eat delicious food while avoiding things you are sensitive to!

Digestion-Supporting Tea.

One easy way to settle your stomach after a bit of an indulgence is to consume a tea with herbs in it that help to support digestion and soothe your system. Check with your doctor before starting new herbs, but my favourite is this tea as it contains liquorice, anise and peppermint!



Digestion is a process, and sometimes your body needs a little extra support! If you want more digestion tips or support, please contact me or book an appointment online 💕